• Space City Performing Arts presents Jungle Noize & 3G Percussion

    On December 20th, 3G Percussion and Jungle Noize will come together for a notable musical exploration. You will be transported to a world of wonder and curiosity with only the music as a guide. The performance will encompass a combination of electronic and acoustic elements. This will be an unparalleled musical performance in the Houston area that all contemporary music lovers will not want to miss.

    Doors open at 7:00pm
    Music starts at 7:30-9:30 with intermission

    About Jungle Noize:

    Jungle Noize is influenced by Philosophy and music across a wide range of traditions and genres. This, accordingly, tends to seep through and leave its trace in the music. Due to this fact and also due to the constant change of interest, knowledge, and location of its members, the music tends to be progressive in that it too moves and changes. With all of that said, the music is the true bio.

    About 3G Percussion:

    Formed by three brothers, 3G Percussion is a percussion trio dedicated to energetic, adventurous, and cutting-edge performances. The group is led by Jacob Gutierrez, Sarek Gutierrez, and Zach Gutierrez.

    The group's performances range from small, intimate chamber music concerts with bells, wood blocks, glass bottles, tin cans to large-scale collaborations with multi-media, drums, marimbas, vibraphones, electronics, and everything in between. An audience can expect to be inspired by the unique timbral, rhythmically complex, and genuine music created by this ensemble.

    About Space City Performing Arts:

    Space City Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) not for profit music organization based in Houston, Texas. The organization was founded in 2002, known as Space City Percussion. The Inaugural project of Space City Percussion, Space City Gamelan, has been recognized by cultural organizations such as the Asian Pacific American Heritage Association, The Asia Society Texas, The Dallas Museum of Art and has given community performances at TEDx Houston, Discovery Green, International Festival in Downtown Houston, Bayou City Arts Festival, and numerous other performances around Houston.

    Under Space City Performing Arts, the mission of the organization is to become a creative force and educational resource for the community of Houston by providing opportunities to preserve, discover, and advance efforts in the performing arts.

    Our vision at Space City Performing Arts is to present traditional music from around the world, present new and imaginative works that integrate other performing art forms, provide educational and performance opportunities to aspiring musicians and professional musicians.

    *Adult beverages will be sold through Rec Room Bar which open at 5:00pm

  • Chamber Music Pop-Up Show: 3G Percussion & Peterson Hayes Duo

    Also back in May, we performed with the flute and percussion group, Peterson/Hayes Duo. This was a joint event with 3G Percussion and Peterson/Hayes Duo at Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio, TX. Our set was 60 Frames by Quinn Collins, Life is Blank by Jason Treuting, and Babybot by Andrea Mazzariello. As you can see, we brought on a fourth player for the quartet music. Jeremy Logan is a percussion director in San Antonio and a good friend of ours. This was our first time playing at Brick and it turned our to be a great venue for this kind of music. Very large space, yet intimate enough to live with the composers on stage. Peterson/Hayes Duo had an amazing set featuring music by the amazing composer Steven Snowden and new compositions being released on their new and upcoming CD. 

  • Space City Performing Arts Summer Benefit

    In May, we performed at the Space City Performing Arts Summer Benefit to help raise funds for their 2017-2018 Season. We brought our friend Daniel Vila on board to perform some quartet music. Our set was Life is Blank by Jason Treuting and Babybot by Andrea Mazzariello. We love this music and might end up playing some more performances in the future! 

    Photo by Go Polaris 

  • Transitory Sound & Movement Collective | Lynn Lane

    Back in May of 2017, we worked with Lynn Lane's Transitory Sound & Movement Collective. Just like it sounds, the collective always features a sound component and dance/movement component and not just that but Lynn always includes a visual or multi-media component. We were lucky enough to work with dancer, Danielle Georgiou, and film maker, Ron Kiley. 

    This was an improvisation collaborating project between all art forms involved and was give the show name of "Freaks, Geeks, Beats and Feets or Feats". It was based on the culture of Coney Island and the unexpected or expected things associated with the location. We created a wonderful sonic environment with various percussion instruments and electronics from Lynn. We responded to the dancer's movements and she did the same. There was also a wonderful write up in the Texas Arts & Culture Magazine over Lynn Lane and his reoccurring monthly concerts with Transitory Sound & Movement Collective. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for 3G Percussion and we hope to work with Lynn, Danielle, and Ron in the future! 

    Photo by Lynn Lane

  • Chamber Music Pop-Up Show

    Join us for our exciting Chamber Music Pop-Up Show at the Brick at Blue Star Gallery in San Antonio, Texas! The evening will feature performances from 3G Percussion and the Peterson/Hayes Duo. 

    General Admission (Online & at the door) $10.00

    * Cash accepted at the door. Credit Cards accepted at the door (through Square device)

    About 3G Percussion

    3G Percussion is a percussion ensemble based out of Houston, Texas led by Jacob Gutierrez, Sarek Gutierrez, and Zach Gutierrez. The group is dedicated to performing modern percussion music and exploring new avenues for percussion.

    About Peterson/Hayes Duo

    The Peterson/Hayes Duo, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that exists to commission and promote flute and percussion chamber music through quality performance and educational experiences. Since their start in 2010, Kristin Hayes (flute) and Eric Peterson (percussion) have been committed to performing contemporary works that are diverse and innovative, while also being accessible to a variety of audiences.

  • An Afternoon of Percussion: 3G Percussion & The Lamarche-Kitai Duo

    Our trip to Canada has been amazing! The facilities at the University of Western are top notch and we have had plenty of time to work up our program for our upcoming shows. 

    On Thursday, March 16th, we will be performing Rain Tree by Toru Takemitsu and Amores by John Cage, on Sarek's Master's recital. We managed to learn our parts away from each other and put these works together successfully. Thanks to Dr. Jill Ball for coaching us on these works the past couple of days!

    This Sunday, March 19th we will be performing a combined concert with the Lamarche Kitai Duo in Toronto, ON at the beautiful Array Space. The program will include Rain Tree by Toru Takemitsu (which we already worked up for Sarek's recital), The Frame Problem by James Romig (which has been a favorite multi-percussion piece of ours), and 60 Frames by Quinn Collins (which is a new piece for us and was composed FOR the 2016 So Percussion Summer Institute). 

    A brief description and program from The Lamarche-Kitai Duo:
    The Lamarche-Kitai Duo (Austin Lamarche and Stefan Kitai) is a newly formed GTA-based percussion ensemble. They are eager to further explore the contemporary world of percussion and hope to promote the works of Canadian composers.

    Lamarche Kitai Duo Program: 
    Toccata by Anders Koppel
    Passcaglia by Anna Ignatowicz
    Book of Grooves: Dance Groove Drifting by Alejandro Vinao
    We're excited to be sharing the stage with this duo at Array Space! Media to come soon.
    An Afternoon of Percussion: 3G Percussion & The Lamarche-Kitai Duo (FB Event Link)
  • 2017

    2017 is upon us and we couldn't be more excited! 3G will be performing on Sarek's Master's recital in March in London, Canada! Throughout the winter holidays we will be working on Toru Takemitsu's Rain Tree, and John Cage's Amores. 

    Follow us on Instagram at 3g_percussion 

  • Houston Loft Concert (hosted by Lynn Lane) featuring 3G Percussion

    Our good friend Lynn Lane, one of Houston's finest photographers and artist, invited 3G Percussion to perform for his monthly new music loft concert series. Lynn is heavily involved with the Houston arts scene and is involved with organizations such as Texas New Music Ensemble & Houston Grand Opera. We're thankful that Lynn wanted us to perform for his guests in the confort of his own home studio. The space was beautiful and intimate -- perfect for hearing all of the sublte nuances in our music.

    The setlist for the evening was:

    Recyclable by Mark Buller

    Shakr Hymnn by John Paddie

    Color Drops by Jacob Gutierrez

    Three-Block Groove by Joshua Zinn

    60 Frames by Quinn Collins

    Lynn wanted us to perform a similar program to our Gray Contemporary show in the summer. One of the biggest obstacles was finding a player to substitute for Sarek while he is studying in Canada. Luckily, our good friend Danielle Chan, who we went to college with at the University of Houston, was in the area and had the available time to dedicate herself to performing with us. We're thankful for Danielle investing her time and energy to perform awesome percussion music with us. 

    One of the new pieces that we performed was 60 Frames by Quinn Collins -- which was premiered at the So Percussion Summer Institute. Danielle was actually at this summer festival with us and worked with Quinn to develop the piece. So it was great working with her and hearing Quinn's thoughts about the piece and putting it together. We're looking ot have a few more shows with her later this semester. Stay tuned. 

  • 3G Percussion Concert

    3G Percussion Concert


    It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our 3G Percussion Summer Concert. We invite you to join us for an exhilarating, dramatic, and thrilling experience of modern percussion music at one of Houston's newest contemporary art museums—Gray Contemporary.

    The evening will feature works by John Cage, Joseph Tompkins, James Romig, and four world premieres by composers Mark Buller, Joshua Zinn, John Paddie, and Mathew Campbell. 

    - Friday, July 1st at 7:30
    - Saturday, July 2nd at 7:30 

    Tickets: Online = $8 | At the door = $10

    Buy tickets:

  • Student Percussion Recital

    This month has been very exciting for us. We hosted our first ever Student Percussion Recital. This recital consisted of solo marimba pieces, concert snare drum pieces, and marching snare drum pieces. Everyone really enjoyed the event and the students were very excited for this opportunity to perform for their friends and family. One of our goals for 3G is to continue to provide new experiences for our students. After the recital, It was such a pleasure to talk with many of the parents and friends about their point of view on this recital. Many of them were so thrilled to have experienced their child thriving in a solo performance. We hope to continue hosting more recitals and unite more people from around the community through music. 

    Here are some photos from the recital:

  • The Nook Cafe

    We had another great night of percussion music at The Nook Café several weeks ago. Things have been quite busy lately…. but we try to find time to write these blogs and reflect on our experiences.   

    The night turned out better than we expected! It was much better for us to play outside on the patio this time around since we had more people involved in our set. (Last time we performed inside the venue in a small, tight corner… People were tripping over chords, instruments, cymbal stands…. it was a nightmare.) Not to mention, the turnout was great—we took more initiative in promoting the event. Although, we’ve learned that about a quarter of the people that say they are coming to an event on Facebook actually show up to events… that’s something to keep in mind for the future.

    Huge thanks to the current members of the Moores School Percussion Studio for joining our set to perform Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood—fantastic performance.

    Our set included pieces that we composed about a month prior to this show. This was a chance for us to get a reading of the piece and make any necessary edits before establishing it into our repertoire. This show we were able to perform Ring/Lead for two percussionists by Natalie Dietterich—current Yale composer—whose piece was premiered at the So Percussion Summer Institute last summer. We’ve been trying to play this piece for a while now but we were running into a few logistical problems. Fortunately, things worked out this time around and we hope to keep this one in our repertoire. 

     We took a new approach in promoting 3G Percussion—and the public’s eye of percussion music—and decided to host a community drum circle. We figured, after our set why not bring people together and just drum the night away…? Most people can relate to this medium. This was a great opportunity for us to meet new people and for non-musicians to have a fun musical experience. We hope to have this drum circle for future performances at the Nook Café.


  • TMEA 2016

    We would like to take a moment to share with you what we have been up to since the start of 2016. Since our performance at Super Happy Funland, Sarek has taken off to study in Italy, which means that it has been 2G since late January. We are very excited for him to be learning so much in Italy! In early February, we attended TMEA 2016. It is always a pleasure to reconnect with old friends, meet new people and to learn about the exciting things that are happening in Texas!  This year at TMEA, we took it upon ourselves to host a Composer & Performer Meet and Greet. This turned out to be a great event where we were able to reconnect with friends and meet a few composers from around Houston and Brownsville.

    (Left to Right: Jacob Gutierrez, John Paddie, Matthew Campbell, Zach Gutierrez)

    Since December, we have been in communication with four other composers from Houston to write pieces for us which will be performed in the summer of 2016. We hope to release the event date by April 1, and we hope you can join us! 

    And of course, we also had a wonderful time reconnecting with our past teachers and friends who are very close to us but do not get to see as often anymore. Here are some more pictures of us at TMEA 2016:

    (Left to Right: Zach Gutierrez, Chris Kimball, Jacob Gutierrez)

    (Left to Right: Zach Gutierrez, Mr. Rory Davis, Jacob Gutierrez)
  • Super Happy Fun Land

    3G Percussion will be performing at Super Happy Fun Land in downtown Houston on January 8th at 9pm. The program includes new music for the ensemble, improvisation, and other works for percussion.

    Link to event:

    It's surely been a healthy experience for us to create a program that doesn't involve typical concert instruments such as marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, timpani, etc. Acquiring these large, expensive instruments takes time and the right resources. Are we going to wait to perform as a group until we get these instruments..? No. What kind of percussion repertoire can we play...? Well, how about compositions that require a less expensive and more portable insturmentation? 

    The Super Happy Fun Land show is just the beginning of our exploration for portable percussion pieces. We are currently in the process of commissioning new works for 3G Percussion that meet this criteria.

    We believe that percussionists can put on a top notch performance without marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, etc. Possibly, even more engaging and exciting performances.

    Below are links to a few great pieces that utilize a more portable instrumentation. 

    Water, Wine, Brandy, Brine by Viet Cuong
    Music For Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich
    Life is (Blank) by Jason Treuting
    Musique de Table by Thierry de Mey
    ?Corporal by Vinko Globokar
    Living Room Music III. Melody by John Cage
    Tlön by Mark Applebaum
    Aphasia by Mark Applebaum (a trio piece like this would be neat!)

  • Bullet Proof Musician

    Wow! This is a great resource for musicians. Noa Kageyama (Julliard Faculty) has created an outstanding website to help musicians in their careers. His blog posts are highly recommended for teachers, as they will be a helpful guide when dealing with students struggling to improve on their instrument performance. 

    Check it out!