• Percussion. Community.

    Last night was a very exciting time for us as we played some great music at a local coffee shop on campus at the University of Houston. We have been wanting to get out of the practice rooms, and concert halls for such a long time, and finally... we succeeded. We realized that we as music students often get trapped in the settings of our music building, performance venues, and practice rooms. There are pros and cons to this. Yes...students need to be engaged in concerts at the university and supporting their colleagues. Yes.. students need to be soaking in as much information as possible in the academic environment. However, we think more music students in school should reach out to perform in other venues outside of the concert hall. I call this the education outside of my education. Learning how to manage yourself in a real world gig is very important. Performing for people that are not your colleagues is also very important, because they might notice things that your friends don't see right away. I think it is very important that we can have additional influence on what non-academic music students are exposed to. If we want people to support what we do, why not try to reach out to them more? Why not expose them to our music outside of the concert hall? huge issue for a percussionist can be the amount of equipment to transport. So..for us, a solution became music for easily portable instruments such as keyboards, bells, gongs, cymbals, chains and drums.  There are many great composers who have written music that use these portable instruments which is why we currently wish to use this music as a vehicle to reach out. Our mission is to create a buzz about the art of percussion in any way possible.

     In addition, we as creative artists, and educators tend to talk ourself out of the things we want to put out in the world. For us, we were in that same boat. We hesitated on playing any type of music in public for the fear of hearing “This is terrible music, they are just playing random stuff”, or “This other group played it better”, or “They are just a copy of another group.” Well, we held ourselves back from performing for about 4 years ever since started 3G back in 2011…dumb, right? The only reason we finally got over this and started to share percussion music was because we realized that even the greatest failure that could come of us playing was not anything to be upset about. If people hated the music? so what. If we sound like another group? so what, ideas are made by other ideas . We have learned and come to accept that any doubts and fears can be overcome with action. A famous person once said “JUST DO IT!” So…we did it, and it was a great.

    We got a chance to talk with some people who really enjoyed the music. One student said “it’s very relaxing.”  Another student even started making beautiful artwork in his notebook during our performance, which he indicated was to resemble what the music felt like in his mind (see below). The music allowed people who were in conversations, or studying to actually get a different, more calm experience than a typical rock band event (I love rock bands). For us, it was a blast. Our friends Juwan Blanton, and Joshua Ramirez are great percussionists who helped us make this event possible by performing with us. Percussion. Community. Being able to connect with students at the nook and with our friends was a great moment for us.