• PASIC 2015 in San Antonio, TX


    PASIC is the most wonderful time of the year. Reuniting with old friends and making new ones! That’s what it’s all about…

     This year we were able to make our rounds as 3G Percussion and connect with artists, composers, and product companies. Every year we’re just constantly baffled and reminded how amazing it is to be a percussionist during this time. The creativity and innovations in our field are keeping the percussion spirit well and alive!

    Here is a quick recap and big name groups that sparked our interest this year! 

    There were a lot of great performances this year for chamber music. We were able to see the international group, TorQ Percussion, from Toronto, Canada. They performed all works for percussion quartet. These guys are great musicians and we encourage everyone to check them out!

    The NanaFormosa duo from Taiwan was outstanding! These ladies play with such a virtuosic style and are just incredible marimba players. The Bach performance was dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Paris tragedy, and was absolutely breathtaking.

    New Morse Code featuring Mike Competello (percussion) & Hannah Collins  (cello) performed an outstanding concert in the Lila Cockrell Theater. In many ways, combining percussion and any other wind or string instrument can be difficult. We as percussionists tend to stay away from wind and string players because they always push and pull tempo and we ask ourselves, “why can’t they just play in time?” Well, it’s not always about playing things in time. There is a lot to learn from our fellow wind and string friends. (next blog topic!)

    Of course, Gene Koshinski gave a fantastic presentation on the art of two mallets on marimba. For those that don’t know, Gene recently published a book called “Two” in 2014, which consists of two mallet solos on marimba that highlight the hidden potential in two mallet playing. Gene is a fantastic marimbist, and composer for percussion.

    We were glad to have attended PASIC 2015 in San Antonio and cannot wait till next year. Perhaps in the near future we will register to present a clinic of our own! There are lots of things cooking in the kitchen for 3G Percussion (already within this next year) and we’ve never been so excited!