• The Nook Cafe

    We had another great night of percussion music at The Nook Café several weeks ago. Things have been quite busy lately…. but we try to find time to write these blogs and reflect on our experiences.   

    The night turned out better than we expected! It was much better for us to play outside on the patio this time around since we had more people involved in our set. (Last time we performed inside the venue in a small, tight corner… People were tripping over chords, instruments, cymbal stands…. it was a nightmare.) Not to mention, the turnout was great—we took more initiative in promoting the event. Although, we’ve learned that about a quarter of the people that say they are coming to an event on Facebook actually show up to events… that’s something to keep in mind for the future.

    Huge thanks to the current members of the Moores School Percussion Studio for joining our set to perform Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood—fantastic performance.

    Our set included pieces that we composed about a month prior to this show. This was a chance for us to get a reading of the piece and make any necessary edits before establishing it into our repertoire. This show we were able to perform Ring/Lead for two percussionists by Natalie Dietterich—current Yale composer—whose piece was premiered at the So Percussion Summer Institute last summer. We’ve been trying to play this piece for a while now but we were running into a few logistical problems. Fortunately, things worked out this time around and we hope to keep this one in our repertoire. 

     We took a new approach in promoting 3G Percussion—and the public’s eye of percussion music—and decided to host a community drum circle. We figured, after our set why not bring people together and just drum the night away…? Most people can relate to this medium. This was a great opportunity for us to meet new people and for non-musicians to have a fun musical experience. We hope to have this drum circle for future performances at the Nook Café.