• Houston Loft Concert (hosted by Lynn Lane) featuring 3G Percussion

    Our good friend Lynn Lane, one of Houston's finest photographers and artist, invited 3G Percussion to perform for his monthly new music loft concert series. Lynn is heavily involved with the Houston arts scene and is involved with organizations such as Texas New Music Ensemble & Houston Grand Opera. We're thankful that Lynn wanted us to perform for his guests in the confort of his own home studio. The space was beautiful and intimate -- perfect for hearing all of the sublte nuances in our music.

    The setlist for the evening was:

    Recyclable by Mark Buller

    Shakr Hymnn by John Paddie

    Color Drops by Jacob Gutierrez

    Three-Block Groove by Joshua Zinn

    60 Frames by Quinn Collins

    Lynn wanted us to perform a similar program to our Gray Contemporary show in the summer. One of the biggest obstacles was finding a player to substitute for Sarek while he is studying in Canada. Luckily, our good friend Danielle Chan, who we went to college with at the University of Houston, was in the area and had the available time to dedicate herself to performing with us. We're thankful for Danielle investing her time and energy to perform awesome percussion music with us. 

    One of the new pieces that we performed was 60 Frames by Quinn Collins -- which was premiered at the So Percussion Summer Institute. Danielle was actually at this summer festival with us and worked with Quinn to develop the piece. So it was great working with her and hearing Quinn's thoughts about the piece and putting it together. We're looking ot have a few more shows with her later this semester. Stay tuned.