• Transitory Sound & Movement Collective | Lynn Lane

    Back in May of 2017, we worked with Lynn Lane's Transitory Sound & Movement Collective. Just like it sounds, the collective always features a sound component and dance/movement component and not just that but Lynn always includes a visual or multi-media component. We were lucky enough to work with dancer, Danielle Georgiou, and film maker, Ron Kiley. 

    This was an improvisation collaborating project between all art forms involved and was give the show name of "Freaks, Geeks, Beats and Feets or Feats". It was based on the culture of Coney Island and the unexpected or expected things associated with the location. We created a wonderful sonic environment with various percussion instruments and electronics from Lynn. We responded to the dancer's movements and she did the same. There was also a wonderful write up in the Texas Arts & Culture Magazine over Lynn Lane and his reoccurring monthly concerts with Transitory Sound & Movement Collective. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for 3G Percussion and we hope to work with Lynn, Danielle, and Ron in the future! 

    Photo by Lynn Lane