• Chamber Music Pop-Up Show: 3G Percussion & Peterson Hayes Duo

    Also back in May, we performed with the flute and percussion group, Peterson/Hayes Duo. This was a joint event with 3G Percussion and Peterson/Hayes Duo at Brick at Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio, TX. Our set was 60 Frames by Quinn Collins, Life is Blank by Jason Treuting, and Babybot by Andrea Mazzariello. As you can see, we brought on a fourth player for the quartet music. Jeremy Logan is a percussion director in San Antonio and a good friend of ours. This was our first time playing at Brick and it turned our to be a great venue for this kind of music. Very large space, yet intimate enough to live with the composers on stage. Peterson/Hayes Duo had an amazing set featuring music by the amazing composer Steven Snowden and new compositions being released on their new and upcoming CD.