• Space City Performing Arts presents Jungle Noize & 3G Percussion

    On December 20th, 3G Percussion and Jungle Noize will come together for a notable musical exploration. You will be transported to a world of wonder and curiosity with only the music as a guide. The performance will encompass a combination of electronic and acoustic elements. This will be an unparalleled musical performance in the Houston area that all contemporary music lovers will not want to miss.

    Doors open at 7:00pm
    Music starts at 7:30-9:30 with intermission

    About Jungle Noize:

    Jungle Noize is influenced by Philosophy and music across a wide range of traditions and genres. This, accordingly, tends to seep through and leave its trace in the music. Due to this fact and also due to the constant change of interest, knowledge, and location of its members, the music tends to be progressive in that it too moves and changes. With all of that said, the music is the true bio.

    About 3G Percussion:

    Formed by three brothers, 3G Percussion is a percussion trio dedicated to energetic, adventurous, and cutting-edge performances. The group is led by Jacob Gutierrez, Sarek Gutierrez, and Zach Gutierrez.

    The group's performances range from small, intimate chamber music concerts with bells, wood blocks, glass bottles, tin cans to large-scale collaborations with multi-media, drums, marimbas, vibraphones, electronics, and everything in between. An audience can expect to be inspired by the unique timbral, rhythmically complex, and genuine music created by this ensemble.

    About Space City Performing Arts:

    Space City Performing Arts is a 501(c)(3) not for profit music organization based in Houston, Texas. The organization was founded in 2002, known as Space City Percussion. The Inaugural project of Space City Percussion, Space City Gamelan, has been recognized by cultural organizations such as the Asian Pacific American Heritage Association, The Asia Society Texas, The Dallas Museum of Art and has given community performances at TEDx Houston, Discovery Green, International Festival in Downtown Houston, Bayou City Arts Festival, and numerous other performances around Houston.

    Under Space City Performing Arts, the mission of the organization is to become a creative force and educational resource for the community of Houston by providing opportunities to preserve, discover, and advance efforts in the performing arts.

    Our vision at Space City Performing Arts is to present traditional music from around the world, present new and imaginative works that integrate other performing art forms, provide educational and performance opportunities to aspiring musicians and professional musicians.

    *Adult beverages will be sold through Rec Room Bar which open at 5:00pm